Apr 21, 2010

Two of The Six Egg-y

Since the “K” group arrived in the Resort they do nothing but to play all night, sleep all day. Always out somewhere living a life, always hunting, always looking for fun. So just to make their last night different, we invited Matt and Jimmy to spend the night in White Beach.That’s 20 minute drive from Sabang Beach.White Beach is the most popular of Puerto Galera’s 32 beaches. It's the scene of many concerts and festivals organized by big corporations like San Miguel, Tanduay, Smart and Globe. At dawn, people sit at the beach to witness one of the best sunsets in the country. At night, more people come out to enjoy meals at beachfront restaurants. There are several open-air bars with "gay dancers" and serving Puerto Galera’s trademark concoction, "Mindoro Sling". There are also many tattoo shops and souvenir shops along White Beach.
The other boys have plans of their own so we just decided to go even without them. We are seven in our group- Viola, Jenny, Shanna, Naneth, Matt, Jimmy and meeeeee!
We ride in a motorcycle locally known as habal-habal.The Habal-Habal is a motorcycle modified to seat more than two persons. We watched fire dance/poi dance, lots of lady boy dancing and they are very good dancers as Jimmy commented. We ordered drinks, Mindoro Sling ( served with slices of apple, mix of rhum, orange juice, mango juice, grenadine syrup and Sprite) for us and Tonic for Jimmy (lol). Said he won’t drink too much because they are leaving early the next day unlike Matt who even tried to show off by drinking Mindoro Sling in a pitcher. Matt that time seems a little mentally off haha (and now I know he really is!)
We also ordered pork BBQ and “balut”. It’s an Asian delicacy, balut is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. We wanted them to try balut just for fun’s sake but they are soooo not into it. Viola even showed them the “little guy” inside the egg and Matt is like freaking out and wanted to throw up (lol). He’s overreacting, duh!!

There are also fishermen that evening; they helped pull the fishing net to the shore. There’s not so lot of fishes- tuna, GG and butete ;) Matt and Jimmy played with those fishes (way too old to act like kids haha). There are not much people around that evening because there’s no big event happening like Rockbands perform which was expected by Jimmy. After White Beach we went to Karaoke Bar. They ordered of course drinks and finger foods. Jimmy sang a Tagalog song with Shanna. The title of that song is “Kasalanan Bang Mahalin Ka Nang Lubusan” (he’s very good at singing haha). We just stayed for almost half an hour; we ride in a tricycle back to the Resort. It was a nonsense but FUN experience with our guests (lol). We are looking forward to see them again and hopefully Matt will try to eat “balut” (said he’s afraid of nothing…well, let’s see who laughs last!haha) Hope there’s not much they don’t enjoy.


Neil Parkes is our new guest from England. He's with five more "exceptionally good looking guys" haha. "I'm here for holiday with my friends. Love the room , cleaned daily and the staffs are very friendly and very helpful". I'll come back maybe on November.
Tom- I'm coming back on November. Here for holiday, love this Resort, WONDERFUL!"
Andy- Here for holiday with friends. The room is very comfortable and clean.
Mark- I saw this Resort through Internet, it's EXCELLENT!
Jimmy- I have plans of going back here. Love the room, clean, spacious and comfortable. The staffs are all outstanding and helpful.
Matt- Here for vacation and to "explore". All's good in this Resort.