Nov 30, 2010

A Cup of Good Cheer

Christmas at my house is always at least 6 or 7 times more pleasant than anywhere else.
We start drinking early. And while everyone else is seeing only one Santa Claus,
we'll be seeing 6 or 7.
- W.C. Fields

There is nothing more fun to do on Christmas Day but to drink beer together with all your loved ones...and get drunk!

It’s Christmas time once again! Time for Christmas decors, Christmas shopping, gift wrapping,
festive recipes and time to book a place where you can spend the holidays with so much fun and away from a busy life.
Puerto Galera is one of the hot-out-of-town spot where you can enjoy the beach, the breeze, the breathtaking views, the accommodating resorts and the people. You can hear Christmas carols everywhere, lots of Christmas lights. You can really feel the yuletide season.
We are going to celebrate the jolly Christmas eve in the rooftop bar with family, friends and with our regular guests from Russia, Australia, Austria and our first time guests from UK, Canada and Switzerland. This will be an all-out celebration, with bottle of champaigne, loud music and Santa hats :)

Make early bookings now because ‘tis the season to be jolly lalalala… :D

Nov 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

For the past days, I've been thinking what to wear in this Halloween Party.It was my first time to be invited in this kind of event so I really don’t know what its like and how does it feel. Best in costume will get an award and I heard it’s going to be BIG so I need to think and think what would be my costume is.
I have to steal the spotlight!

I made a lists of items to buy like make-ups, accessories and stuff and gone shopping with Ate Viola, Michelle and Jessica.
When we arrived at the mall, everyone’s on their spooky costumes, all the staffs and costumers especially the kids.

There are lots of things you can choose and they are all on SALE! Jessica picked princesses costume while Michelle’s an angel and Ate Viola bought herself a witch's hat.
I bought fairy wings with magic wands.
We took our lunch at McDonald’s, it’s hard to find seats because it’s holiday, lots of shoppers. It took us half an hour to get vacant seats. Before we went back home Ate Viola bought a purple trick or treat basket with writings “witches’ brew”.

We started to prepare ourselves because the party is at 8 o’clock. My friends (Louie, Trixie and Shasha) are also coming and heck their costumes are terrible, oh it’s terrific! Shasha was an elegant vampire, Trixie’s a “mother nature” and Louie was a corpse carrying a bloody baby. My character was a fairy in a simple yellow dress. My two nieces, Michaella and Steph, were also a fairy and ready to fly.

When the party’s starting I was shocked when I saw Ate Viola holding a broomstick, never thought she will carry that thing all the way to the party. But I was even more shocked when I saw Michelle, she’s not an angel, she’s a ghost lady with scary make-up on her face. Said she wanted to scare Jessica and her other friends.

The guests were on their best costumes, there are draculas, witches, angel of death, Po of Kung Fu Panda, zombie prom queens, a black bat, a joker and ghosts. There was also face painting for all, costing two hundred pesos. Lots of drink (Mr. Jacob rang the bell twice), laughing, dancing, and taking pictures to capture Halloween memories…what a surefire party!

Halloween Guests List

November is a high season so we are expecting loads of reservations from our customers.

And now we’re starting to get busy, lots of guests will stay over the weekend.

David Dollard, our regular guest from Australia.

Sandro from Italy, he rented one of our room for a month.

Zbynek Skrivanek and his wife from Czech Republic will stay for a week.

Cara Lynch with her other two friends, Hannah Cox and Daniel Lee , it’s their first time in Sabang Beach.

Jong Yong Park and his friends will also spend their holiday with us.

Happy Haunting! :)

Aug 26, 2010

Korean Really Pops!

Ahn-Nyeong Hah-Seh-Yo!

We’re very grateful and thankful to all the Koreans who’d been became our guests for the past two years. Most of our Korean visitors are friendly and happy people. Some of them are good in speaking English while some are hard to speak with, we have to ask Shanna (the can-speak-Korean staff) whenever there’s a problem in communicating or we just simply use hand gestures to understand both parts. Before they leave we make sure they learn Tagalog words and we learn Korean words from them.

Few days ago, we received an e-mail from our former Korean guest saying how he misses Sabang Beach. He wants to go back to feel again the warm welcome of all the people in Sabang especially us in Oasis Resort. He promised to write an article to promote our Resort and he did! Sabang Oasis Resort has been published in the famous newspaper and website in Korea, the “MAGANDA”. It was published by Mr. Bigman telling all the great experiences he had while staying with us. He included the room prices which are very reasonable during low, high, and peak season, the facilities and amenities, helpful staff, the very friendly Loder family (the owner), and the every-night-BBQ party in the rooftop bar!

“I won’t forget every second of it”. –Mr. Bigman

MAGANDA Newspaper

Mr. Jae Min

Mr. Sama

Trip to hanging bridge (Lantuyan) 2-3 hour drive away from Sabang Beach

Mr. Lee Back Hi

The "Wasalak Team" and the ocean view (at the back)

Tamaraw Falls

BBQ party in rooftop bar

Gam-Sah Ham-Nee-Da!

Jun 26, 2010

Promo Time

Listed are new daily room rates for low season (June1-Sept.15)

Regular Rooms

Php1325 -with aircon, private comfort room with high pressure hot water shower, springmade mattress, cable tv, refrigerator for the minibar, personal safe and internet connection.

1 Bed Apartment

Php1750-Php1850 -with separate kitchen, aircon, private comfort room with high pressure hot water shower, springmade mattress, cable tv, refrigerator, complete cooking utensils, personal safe and internet connection.


2 Bedroom Apartment

Php2500 -with 2 bedroom, separate kitchen, living room, aircon, private comfort room with high pressure hot water shower, springmade mattress, cable tv, refrigerator, complete cooking utensils, personal safe and internet connection.

(room rates are per night&per room basis)