Jan 29, 2010

Feedbacks From Our Guests

Corazon Rosinger and Engineer Reinhart Rosinger from Austria are regular visitors of Sabang Oasis Resort.
“We come to Sabang since 1992, every year. We like the Sabang Beach, the sunny weather, it’s like our second hometown already besides knowing almost everybody here. We’ve been in Sabang Oasis Resort twice, we like it very much, it’s right at the heart of Sabang, just close to everything…church, market, restaurants, dive shops, schools, grocery shops, and it’s only 15 minute-drive to Puerto Galera, the town proper. The room is spacious and well ventilated, and complete with basic amenities. The facilities are normally kept clean and in order. The staffs are all friendly, helpful and approachable. Would like to continue to stay from November ‘till April for the next years.”

Mika Elf from Finland stayed with us for two weeks. He’s a scuba diver and a traveler who loves to take photos of everything. I was amazed by every subject he captured. He’s not a photographer BUT in his every shot he has a potential of becoming one.
“It’s my first time here in Sabang Beach. I was invited by my friends, Chris and Mikael. Here because of scuba diving, good nightlife, very beautiful Puerto Galera area, the sun and temperature. I like Sabang Oasis, it’s new and clean. Internet access in the room is very good. The staffs are all friendly. I’ll be back here for sure.”

Mikael Junes is also a regular visitor of our resort, he’s from Sweden.
“I’ve been here five to six times already. Here for vacation, to relax and for my “monkey business” (we all play little games, don’t we?) Sabang Oasis Resort is very nice and so are the facilities. I love the people here, very warm and nice. I’ll be coming back here with my friends by the end of February.

Garth Robinson, from Australia stayed with us for eight days. Sir Garth is one of the guests I’ll never forget. He’s very nice, he’s always joking, he always laughs, and he loves karaoke. I remember when he feels very grateful for the free drink I served to him. (Please know how much I appreciate the “shawarma”LOL!). Konrad Robinson, Sir Garth’s son, spent his eight days for his diving course. Hope he learned a lot. It’s his first time to travel here in the Philippines. “The room and the facilities are great but would love BBQ’s next to pool.” They will be back by the month of June. (Can’t wait to see you two).

Jan 27, 2010


"The busiest men have the most leisure."
You're spending long nights in the office, sitting in the cubicle, eyes on the computer screen, doing presentations and reports for your client.You feel like exploding. Your brain refuses to work and you're too tired.
Nowadays, people are so busy in their way of life. Hands on moms are working 24/7 for their families and even the students are stuck doing thesis and other paperworks.
We all need time to rest. We cannot do lots of things in just a snap. We're not superheroes.
Why don't you go on vacation with your families and friends, a vacation away from the routine and daily chores. Afterall, the busiest men need a pampered experience.

Jan 4, 2010

Birth of Sabang Oasis Blog

Welcome to Sabang Oasis a British and Filipino owned resort with welcoming owners and reasonable rates nestled in a quiet residential area (no noise from motorbikes or jeepneys) but still only 3 minutes walk from the beachfront and numerous bars and restaurants. Our staff speaks English, Geman and Tagalog.

We have a rooftop swimming pool and bar with amazing views over Sabang Bay and the Manila Channel.

Come and experience the ambience at Sabang Oasis. Mindoro is one of the last tropical places left on earth that's not yet overrun by tourists. Here you can enjoy the amazing hospitality and warmth of the local population while taking in the diving experiences of a lifetime.