Feb 23, 2010


Summer is about “bikini” for the girls to make the weather even HOTTER
and “water sports” for the boys to make themselves look COOL on their surf shorts.

Well, summer is really all about the hitting the beach with your pals.
It is time to prepare your three S’es- swimsuits, shades, sunblock :)
Take time off from work and plan a summer road trip to Puerto Galera and experience a few days (weeks) of pampering.

Puerto Galera may not be as famous as Boracay but it’s the same fun you can ever experience. It was even declared as one of the most beautiful bay in the world.
It’s a place where you can enjoy every minute (and every sec) of your stay. Have a bite of Puerto Galera’s tourism attractions that can make you feel “great” and can make you say “wow!” There are a lot of water sports activities like wind surfing, wake boarding, water skiing (in Boquete), sea kayaking, yachting/sailing, snorkeling, banana boat and trekking. Perfect for those who needs to recharge from the busy living, for those who seek relaxation, and for those who wants to beat the summer heat!

Sabang Oasis Resort is located at Sabang Beach which offers excellence in amenities.
It is open for all foreign and local tourists. With complete facilities in each room, has a sea- facing rooftop where you can see stunning views,
enjoy a dip in the pool and a Seascape Bar for your types of drinks. Glass bottom boat is also available for beach BBQs and picnics. It is perfect for barkada trip, family gatherings and reunions. It fits your budget and its worth every peso.

There’s helluva lot more to experience in Puerto Galera
so take a break form the city life, have some me-time,
wear your sexiest bikini (and surf shorts), and go have fun under the sun because the heat is on!

Happy Hot Summer! :)

Feb 2, 2010

Romantic Getaway

It’s love month once again!
So what’s your plan?
Go in a fine dining restaurant?
Watch movies together?
Buy her dozen of roses?
Give him dozen of kisses?
Aren’t you bored in the usual way of celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner?
Show your adventuresome spirit this hearts season.

Island escapes is the best way to celebrate love month.
And when I’m talking about island...Puerto Galera is definitely the place to be.
White sand beach, clear waters, stunning views and lots of water sports activities that you’ll surely enjoy with your loved ones.
Valentine’s is not only for couples to celebrate, it’s even better for those “loveless” who’s kinda soul searching type. Puerto Galera is perfect for someone who simply want to relax, want a change of scenery and a change of ambiance.
But being single doesn’t mean you’re the biggest loser ever. You need a social time, come on!
There’s a real night life here and it’s a whole lotta fun.
Go meet new friends through clubbing, party all night, drink and get drunk, go live a life!

There’s a bunch of reasons to celebrate love month in Puerto Galera.
Change your romantic BUT BORING bonding ritual to something adventurous.
And for those who are still looking for “the one”...you might bump into someone
while taking a walk in the shore side.
Hmm… I smell romance in the air.

Happy Valentine’s everyone!