Aug 26, 2010

Korean Really Pops!

Ahn-Nyeong Hah-Seh-Yo!

We’re very grateful and thankful to all the Koreans who’d been became our guests for the past two years. Most of our Korean visitors are friendly and happy people. Some of them are good in speaking English while some are hard to speak with, we have to ask Shanna (the can-speak-Korean staff) whenever there’s a problem in communicating or we just simply use hand gestures to understand both parts. Before they leave we make sure they learn Tagalog words and we learn Korean words from them.

Few days ago, we received an e-mail from our former Korean guest saying how he misses Sabang Beach. He wants to go back to feel again the warm welcome of all the people in Sabang especially us in Oasis Resort. He promised to write an article to promote our Resort and he did! Sabang Oasis Resort has been published in the famous newspaper and website in Korea, the “MAGANDA”. It was published by Mr. Bigman telling all the great experiences he had while staying with us. He included the room prices which are very reasonable during low, high, and peak season, the facilities and amenities, helpful staff, the very friendly Loder family (the owner), and the every-night-BBQ party in the rooftop bar!

“I won’t forget every second of it”. –Mr. Bigman

MAGANDA Newspaper

Mr. Jae Min

Mr. Sama

Trip to hanging bridge (Lantuyan) 2-3 hour drive away from Sabang Beach

Mr. Lee Back Hi

The "Wasalak Team" and the ocean view (at the back)

Tamaraw Falls

BBQ party in rooftop bar

Gam-Sah Ham-Nee-Da!